NNT brings you a brand new concept in uniform and work clothing, NNT Everyday. NNT Uniforms deliver fit-for-function fashion, with uncompromising quality and style.

For over 50 years the NNT wardrobe has continually evolved to reflect today’s trends, with tomorrow in mind. Designed in Australia, the NNT Everyday collection is made for practical work environments, varied climates and all body shapes and sizes.

Let your true colours shine through with our Everyday workwear, for everybody. This collection is designed to help your team get the job done in comfort and on trend. With functionality that’s been tested on the job, versatile styles and colours to suit all body shapes and sizes.


NNT’s design team are committed to engineering garments specifically for work. We consult regularly with focus groups of real people who wear our uniforms, to understand their unique requirements. We trial all new designs and fabrics on real people, in true work environments ensuring comfort, functionality, durability and ease of care.



Fit is critical to the comfort and productivity of employees. We understand that no two bodies are the same and this is paramount in our approach to garment sizing. Using our knowledge of bespoke tailoring, 50 years of sizing data and the latest pattern making technology you can ensure your garments will be stylish, practical and achieve the best fit possible on all body shapes.


Uniform is put through its paces day after day so it is imperative our garments can last through those rough days on the job. Our fabrics are built to withstand much more than your average high street garb. We test well above high street standards for colour fastness, abrasion, allergens, crease recovery, tearing strength and pilling to name just a few.


NNT Everyday caters for a wide variety of industries including, corporate uniforms, healthcare uniforms, hospitality uniforms, beauticians’ uniforms, clinical uniforms.


Dressing for work has never been so effortless, looked so great or been such amazing value. Own everyday with NNT Everyday.